Stephanie Stalvey Artist


      Hi, I’m Stephanie! I am a painter, writer and comic book artist currently living in a little blue house in downtown Orlando with my cute kid and very darling husband (who you will also adore if you read my comics.) These days I teach high school painting and drawing, and decade ago, I graduated from the Memphis College of Art (RIP) with a bachelors degree in fine art (I inhaled a lot of oil paint fumes and got into a lot of debt but regret nothing.) I love music and animals and going to the beach when its cold.

I have been irresistibly drawn to making comics since I was a kid. Comics are intimate, they are rock and roll, they’re visual prose that gives both the writer and reader a highly personal experience of the story. All of my comics are traditionally painted with gouache, watercolor and ink wash on paper. I use Procreate to draw the speech bubbles and write the words.

Right now, I am working on a long form memoir that focuses on my experiences as a mother, a lover, and 90s church kid.  In my work, I reflect on coming age inside the evangelical church and my subsequent reckoning with religious and spiritual ideas as an adult. My comics are a portrait of a continual pursuit to understand my self, my ideological inheritance, my relationships,  my God, and my place in this wild, strange, sacred world we all share. I continue to grow, change, and heal, often through the process of the artmaking itself. 

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